Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Crafters for Critters

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Crafters for Critters is now restocked and open for business! Buy something cool and have your money go to a good cause all in one shot. Lots of indie business have contributed and there are lots of unique items for sale. Find more information at the site. You'll be glad you did! :D

Ta daaaa! and Zine Update, too!

I really couldn't think of a title. But, look at my cute new shoes!
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Of course, it's much too chilly for them yet, but at least I'm going into summer with cute shoes! :>

I made these cards for a swap over at Craftster and really like how they came out
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I kind of miss doing cross-stitch, but seldom have time to do any large projects. Will try to pick up some other larger ones and try to finish them. *lol* The small ones are great because you can do them in a couple hours or an evening if stitch slowly. *coughs*

Here is the new cover I came up with for the second installment of Lil Bit of Spice Zine
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I think it looks kind of cool, but can't promise I've stopped fiddling with it. I'm nearly finished and these are due out for May. If you'd like a copy and haven't reserved it, please comment or email me to let me know you want one (I'd love to trade for your zine or other items possibly or arrange for a buy, we'll work it out) because I'll start printing next week and it can't hurt to get a better idea of how many copies are wanted/needed. :)
If you can't make up your mind right now, the second copy is also being picked up by distro e so there'll be a few copies available for sale there.

I will have a few items available from sale/trade next week sometime. No, I don't have wishlist up yet, but if you are interested in trading, feel free to contact me.

Spicey Creations will also be getting a big update next week with lots of pretties. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Trade Ya?

I've got some things listed for sale or trade over at me livejournal account. Check it out by clicking here

Monday, April 04, 2005

Happy Belated Easter, etc.

I can't believe it's been soooo long since I've blogged. I do have piccies so maybe that'll make up for it?

Every year, the other half and I get giant Kinder Easter eggs for Easter. Why? Well, it all statered because 5 years ago, there was not a chocolate bunny (I've had one every year for Easter since I can remember) to be found 'round these parts or at least nowhere we looked. (Of course, now they are everywhere, but that's beside the point.) When he saw how disappointed I was, my other half went out and bought Kinders for us and we've started our own tradition.
If you don't know about Kinder chocolate eggs, they are hollow with a plastic egg inside containing a surprise.
Here's one wrapped though you can only see the back *sigh*
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My surprise
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My other half's surprise
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One of my sisters-in-law bought everyone Lindt chocolate bunnies for Easter! That's GOOD chocolate yum!
Bunny Kiss
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And to finish up the Easter theme, here's the other half helping godson/nephew reach the some goodies which were a little too high up. He's a sly one, that Easter Bunny--oops! I mean the church bells from Rome. :P 'Cause that's who brings the Easter eggs 'round here!
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