Thursday, June 23, 2005

Summer hath arrived

It's been a busy week and VERY VERY hot! Summer hit us hard and we jumped from temperatures around 70°F to 95 + °F weather in nothing flat. No springtime to speak of just so much rain and now hot and muggy. :(

Last week's "cheer up" was this yummy hazelnut brioche I brought back from Alsace. Insanely delicious!
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I managed to get some more ATCs done as well.
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(Sorry for the blurriness!)

Also, there's 15% off glass bead earrings until June 30 over at Spicey Creations

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm Back, etc.

Wow! What a wonderful week away I had! I didn't take the digital camera so hopefully, my regular camera took some photos that are "scan worthy". I'll hold off posting about how beautiful the Alsace region of France is til I can actually show it! All I'll say for now is it was very, very green and mountainous! Even someone suffering from vertigo can appreciate the beauty of it (from down below of course)!

Erika of distro e is completely sold out of both issues of Lil Bit of Spice! She's re-ordered and I'm working on that now so she'll have some in stock again soon.

In other news, having reached my first goal, I think my first treat will be this lovely from Mellifluous Couture
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Now, I just need to decide which fabric I want and the length of the dress.

I am also placing an order to J.Lynne Cosmetics. It is mineral make-up and you can get sample sizes of it to try before moving on to full size. I am getting several diffent products to try, but I am most interested in the foundations.

Oh, nearly forget! My friend, Alison, makes the COOLEST stuff!
This is one of the things she has up on eBay and, yes, she crocheted/knitted that little embellishment.

She also makes awesome cards and other kinds of unique scrapbooking stuff. Just contact her through her eBay and she'll give you more information. :)

Friday, June 03, 2005

YAY! Sampler Sneak Peeks are up!

The first round of Sneaks Peeks is up over at the Sampler! There's lots of cool stuff. And, YAY! I'm on the front page!
Also, this blog along with Spicey Creations have just been added to Craft Pop
I should also mention that I've been listed at Bust's Girl Wide Web since January.

Ah, sweet bliss! ;)
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Cool Mail, etc.

I ordered one of the Card Collector's albums from The Small Object and it arrived on Saturday. It's nearly already full with the ATCs I've received in trades so I'll maybe order another one.
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I let my other half choose the style since I couldn't make up my mind. Now, I kinda wish I'd ordered another one.

In other news, Spicey Creations will be closed from June 5 to June 12. You may still place orders during this time period, but they will not ship until June 13-14.

Have a safe and happy week! :>