Monday, January 09, 2006

February Sampler Sneak Peek

I took photos of my samples for the February Sampler before sending off.

Image hosted by

The Goods:
Sweet Heart Purse Charms/Zipper Pulls - cool and cute way to decorate your purse or backback, etc.
Charming Charms - wear as pendant, on a bracelet or could even be used as a keyring, purse or zipper charm
Lavendar Dolly Pins - cute for kids and adults alike

If you don't get one in your Sampler or don't subscribe to the Sampler, I will have some pins and zipper pulls/purse charms available for sale soon. :)


Lavendar Dolly Pins
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Sweet Heart Purse Charms/Zipper Pulls
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Happy Monday. :)

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