Friday, June 17, 2011

Stuff I didn't have

Unfortunately, I was under the weather and didn't have any of this, but it looked soooo yummy

Actually, this little chocolate guy is still in one piece. :)

Dessert from my nice's christening/baptism. (You can see it's raining through the window. These photos were taken last weekend and sad to say, the weather has not improved. :/ )

My other half's dessert plate. The strawberries were fresh from the vine brought over by the strawberry farmer whose a friend of my SIL. :) They were delicious!


Lorena said...

What a fabulous set of pictures - everything is so appealing, that you have made me hungry. Specially hungry for that chocolate piece !

Spicey said...

Thanks! :) My husband said it was really good. I can only speak for the strawberries which so fresh tasting and delicious. :)

Elisabeth said...

Your photos of the amazing sweets look so incredible.
The strawberry dessert is truly "droolworthy"
Have a wonderful Sunday:DDD

Brooke said...

That dessert looks delectable. :) I love me some sweets.