Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy 2016!

How cliché is it to say how time flies!
We've bought a house and moved out of the city to add more to the cliché. I won't say we're renovating an older home or that would just be too much, but we are.
My "baby" has started preschool. So much has changed! That's life, I guess. ;)
I'm still waiting to finish upstairs so I can get back a workspace to re-open Spicey Creations. I'm hoping Aprilish since I will have to rework the website. I will maybe put a few pieces up on Etsy before then so stay tuned for that.
I'm hoping to get back into meal planning which is so so SO helpful! Then maybe getting back to trying a new recipe a week/every 2 weeks to add some variety to our meals. Back to eating healthier and more whole foods now that we're settling in more...hmmm, this is starting to sound like a resolution and it's definitely not. These are just all things that blogging regularly helped me keep up with better: :)

I'll think I'll add in a few photos for some visuals.

Here is my very own Christmas table :)

Closer look at place setting at the adults' table. I took a photo then adjusted the plates and everything...oops!

Place setting at the kids table.

Sorry for the quality of the photos, but hopefully, it gives an idea. :)

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