Sunday, August 21, 2005

August Sampler + misc

I actually received my August Sampler a few days ago, but am just now posting. Shame on me! ;)
Image hosted by
(Sorry for the blurriness! I'm just always in such a hurry to dig into it. *lol*)

I'm now apart of the Glitter Webdirectory. Just thought I'd share. ;)

I am currently working on an update to Spicey Creations which will hopefully be done tomorrow with lots of new pretties.
Here's one a necklace that's already up that I'm particularly proud of:
Image hosted by

Also, I love a good sale and was able to pick this up at Sephora for a song:
Image hosted by
It just too bad that it looks like they won't be selling it all the time in France. :(


Horse Power said...

Oh my gosh, is that Birthday Cake perfume? That is so brilliant :D
I just bought cupcakes this morning because they had flowers on top.

Spicey said...

Yes and it smells heavenly! Yum! :D