Tuesday, December 06, 2016

A very little Halloween and a tiny bit of Thanksgiving

Um, I really am late posting about the tiny bit of Halloween decoration. I still wanted to make a post about it to come back to so here's our little Halloween decorations for this year

A little pumpkin for the table 

A pumpkin garland

A few of our window stickers put up by daughter who dressed up as a nurse. :)

Now on to our "mini" Thanksgiving. I made potato sausage stuff and turkey "rolls" as usual with green bean bundles. The cranberry sauce, etc., was not homemade this year and we didn't have a lot of leftovers, but it was still delicious. And, for once we celebrated on the Thursday and not the following Saturday. :)

Blurry green bean bundles

I printed out some place cards and napkins rings which I decorated with my daughter. We also read an illustrated Thanksgiving story which she loved. Next year I hope to do more to explain the tradition.

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