Thursday, March 09, 2017

My Little Pony Party

My daughter turned 4 back in December and we celebrated a lot: First, with her cousins and uncles and aunts, then with her class at school, and lastly, on her actual birthday with a friend who she chose spend the day with and to go to an indoor park and restaurant. :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get good photos of all the decorations. But here are a few photos of some of it.

First up her party at home.  We celebrated the weekend before to make it a bit easier for everyone to come.
Here are a few photos from that:

A place setting from the kids table. Each kid had a little pony figurine and ear barrettes. (my daughter's had bows) I used stickers from eBay to decorate the Ikea cups that came in different colors and matched the pony to the cup color.

 Rainbow balloons my husband did that I got on eBay. The Spike window/wall decal was one of a set. All the windows had ponies on them, but unfortunately, I didn't get any good shots of them

 I somehow forgot to take a photo of the adult table, but here's the non alcoholic cocktail.

 Sugar cookies with cupcake toppers. Some had leftover white fondant on top

 The treat boxes we gave to her cousins are from Amazon (I added some stickers I ordered from eBay) and the Pony jelly lollies were from Thema Deco.

Here's what was in them :)

The cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting that I covered in white fondant. I ordered the personalized edible My Little Pony topper from Amazon. (I will try to remember to add links at some point, but all Amazon stuff is from Probably could be found in multiple places though :) )

Next up, the treat bags from here class the day before her actual birthday :)

What was inside
I was informed that in France kids only give out candy (if the school allows it), but I wanted to do something a little more fun. :) )

This is the cake I sent to school with her. Frosting topper with chocolate letters on a funfetti cake. It was a big hit.

And lastly, on her actual birthday, she invited a friend and we went to an indoor play park. 

Here are the contents of the treat box. Yes, that's mini cotton candy and a My Little Pony egg.

We went to a family grill style restaurant that provided the birthday cake for dessert.

It was a lot of fun and took quite a bit of planning. I had a lot of down time while recuperating so I thought I'd use some of it to plan. 
Having a December baby can be a bit difficult when people are in the Christmas spirit. I always want her to feel like she got a proper birthday celebration as other kids so she doesn't feel like it's an afterthought. :)

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