Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blogtober continues :)

I kind of dropped the ball this week, but I have been busy organizing and reorganizing as I've no doubt mentioned tons of times.

I'm currently resorting my make up, nail polish and brushes (and possibly some of my jewelry) into this:

It's the MALM 6 drawer chest from Ikea. Not that special looking, but it goes with the rest of our furniture. There are other color choices, too.

While I really like this piece, I'm currently annoyed with Ikea for discontinuing the shelving we have in our storage room and also the bookshelf we had seen this summer and were planning to add to our soon-to-be new addition's bedroom. So now we have to find other solutions.

On another note, yes, it's still raining and yucky so I've not been able to do a day in photos, but maybe I'll remember to take photos of what I ate tomorrow. :)

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