Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bread machine "adventures" 2

So, I've made the dough for homemade cinnamon buns a few times which makes it ridiculously easy as all I have to do is roll out the dough once it's ready. I used 1/3 cup+ sugar in the dough instead of 1/4 cup when I make hamburger buns. Then, I do a second rise after I roll and cut them out and put them in the pan. The last time I did them in the evening and let them rise in the oven.

I also made some banana bread as a test. I don't know what I expected, but it came out pretty well.

The recipes is from Allrecipes. I used more banana than was called for, mashed it, and added vanilla. When it was still warm, I felt like only the vanilla could be tasted. The next morning, the banana flavor was stronger. My husband and daughter loved it so I will definitely be making it again soon.

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