Saturday, March 12, 2016

Splash (Again)

Yesterday afternoon, my little family of 3 went out for a long walk. The weather was nice but the ground was still a bit slushy from all the rain earlier in the week. There were puddles everywhere and our daughter was enjoying splashing around in them à la Peppa Pig, wearing her rain boots, of course. Somehow, my husband and I started chanting "Splash! Splash! Splash!" while she was doing 'cause we're weird like that. ;)

Then, he mentioned, "Speaking of 'Splash', I'd love to see that movie again. I remember really enjoying it. You know the one with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah? I saw in the cinema when it came out."

Of course, I remembered and loved that movie. I also recalled that Tom Hanks called her Madison in the movie which is also my daughter's name. Thinking of the film brought back nice memories, but that was a long time ago. Would I still feel the same if I rewatched it all these years later?

This is something that I've come up against before: Do I preserve the memory of watching something I once enjoyed? OR, do I take the risk of "ruining" the memory and see that it wasn't as good as I remember? This has happened so many times with movies, television series, etc., I can't even count. There are certain things I won't even watch, games I won't play, especially from my childhood, for fear the memory of them will be ruined. But, then I've also rediscovered some things and shared and loved them even more by seeing them again.

Ultimately, we've decided we'll try and find some time to watch Splash this weekend. I mean, what's really the worse that can happen? ;)

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