Monday, April 11, 2016

April Showers and "Check-in"

It's the second week of Spring vacation (yes, school vacation again for my little one). The first week flew by because we were busy and not home much, actually. I feel like the second week is flying by as well. It's been raining a lot the past few days. I just realized I complain a lot about the rain.

I can't believe April is nearly halfway over. Time is really getting away from me. Like most people, have loads on my to-do list. I hope to get a temporary set-up for my jewelry making soon so I can get to work on that. My fingers have been itching to try out some new stuff. :)

More work on the house and organizing as usual. We have some family outings planned this week as well so hopefully, I will be able to share some photos of some of it.

Spring has definitely sprung. Hopefully, the rain will let up soon. :)

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