Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cupcake Party

We decorated cupcakes when a niece and nephew came over for snack time. I like to come up with little activities for them and last cupcake decorating, they weren't present and were interested in trying it. Last time, I had a mix I found on sale, but this time I made a homemade cupcake recipe from Natasha's Kitchen. I halved the recipe and it was the perfect amount for everyone to have 1 then each kid had one to take home. I just made a standard vanilla icing for them and they were a big hit. You know it's a good sign when kids prefer eating to decorating. ;)

I did a very quick decorating set up. The kids were ages 3, 4.5, and 6.5. I didn't want to have too many things on the table because I didn't want to overwhelm them. The crocodile gummy candy and marshmallow were more for eating than decorating. Each child had a cup with a bendy straw, napkin and plate (cups and plates from Ikea). Yes, there is a placemat and tablecloth which made clean up much easier. :)

I set up tea for the adults and we all had cupcakes to eat with it.

I forgot to take photos of all the cupcakes, but here are a few of them

Overall, it was really fun. It just required getting the kids started and helping them once in a while. The kids loved it. Did I already mention that? And it doesn't require a lot of prep. I think a more "sophisticated" version will appear for birthday parties in the future. ;)

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