Monday, January 17, 2005

Another ATC kinda day

Here's some more of my ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). This is addictive!

Travelling Circus

Home Sweet Home

Treetime Treasures

I need to work on my collage and definitely take more photos of the ones I'm making! I also want to work on drawing some and possibly doing some in watercolor. Such are my ambitions! We'll see how that pans out. :)

Oh! I almost forgot: My mini-zine "Delicious" is finished which means now I start printing out zines and putting them together for mailing. I think the mailing out will start Thursday. I'm so excited! :D :D :D


RED said...

Cool site! i like the pictures you posted. You seem very artistic. Please come post on my blog when you have the time. Thanks.

Spicey said...

Thank you! :)
I'll be be sure to stop by yours and take a peek!