Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Feeling Melancholic

Today is an odd day. I had taken my father's pictures down right after he passed away (December 15, 2004) as it was too painful to see them out. and I finally felt like looking at them today. Perhaps I will be able to have them around me again soon as I'm starting to miss his face.
I'm feeling rather melacholic. When you lose someone you love, you never really forget, it's always there somewhere in the back of you mind, lurking. Particularly in this case when it's so fresh and I'm still in mourning. Whatever I'm doing, it's always hanging there somewhere in the background, so I keep busy trying to push it back further hoping that eventually, it will be easier to deal with. I think time really is the only thing that will lessen the pain I feel. I know that sounds awfully cliché. Perhaps today will be will a creative day and I can use that pain to help me create...

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