Monday, January 24, 2005

Zine Trauma

Well, as a select few you readers (we'll get back to the fact that there are actually folk reading my blog in minute) are aware I had a sort of epiphany. No, that's not the right word. Let me attempt to explain it a bit better. See, I had finally finished my zine after months of wanting to do it, then a month of planning then actually typing it all out an doing it. It felt finished. The protocopy was looking good and certainly something I, personally, would love to receive. Then, some sort of doubt, I guess settled in. I starting seeing all these ways my zine could be so much better as I start my second issue. (Yes, I've starting writing for it and it's due out in May.) I took a couple days, delaying printing and mailing to hash it over. What I decided is that in my heart, the zine is finished. Getting sappy enough for you yet? ;) It is how I planned it and the way I wanted it at the time of its conception. I feel it should be respresentative of that. I'm not completely sure that any of this makes any sense. It really did sound so much better in my head. So, right now I am at getting zines done for those I "owe" and I will maybe print out some extras to have on hand for trades OR print out on a case by case basis. I love trading so I could be easily persuaded to do either. :)
Anyway, I've pretty much decided that Issue 2 will have white or cream-colored pages. (Issue 1 has blue for no particular reason except that I thought it looked cool.)Also, lots more artwork, writing, and maybe even an interview or 2. We'll see how that pans out.

In other more exciting news, perhaps. I received an ATC RAK (Random Act of Kindness)! It is so beautiful! I am definitely going to reciprocate. I also received some really cool cards in a 3-way trade. I need to get the artists' permission before posting photos so hopefully I will not forget to ask so I can show their cool work.

Also, I want to thank those who are reading my blog and have sent such positive emails about it. Those messages really do make my day and encourage me to continue! :D Feel free to leave comments on individual messages as well.

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