Saturday, February 13, 2016

Busy Day

We have friends coming over for lunch so I've some preparation to do. Nothing fancy. It's just a casual lunch after having them come help us do some work on the house.

I really enjoy setting a nice table and making as many things from scratch as possible. Unfortunately, time doesn't always allow for that. Since we are able to have people over more frequently here, I've been trying to get better at being more relaxed about the whole thing.

And while I've never tried to be a "Hyacinth Bucket pronounced Bouquet"--I'm not nearly pretentious enough for that--I do rather like the idea of things being "just so" in my own way.

Just mentioning her, makes me want to break out my DVD boxed set of of Keeping Up Appearances. Well, worth a watch especially if you like British-style comedy. I used to watch it on PBS with my mom along with Are You Being Served, Black Adder, As Time Goes By and along with a few others whose names escape me right at the moment.

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