Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Day 9 Tuesday morning

Today I've got one of my nephews, who's 6.5, coming over for the morning. It's winter vacation for all my nieces and nephews. The good things is that they all spend time at my MIL's at some point which means my daughter gets to see her cousins quite a lot during this period as my MIL isn't far.

I love planning activities to do when they come over. I especially like making something with them that they can take home as a souvenir. I find it much easier for the girls as they are much more into creative things than my nephew is. It's not a "girl things" vs. "boy things" situation; he's more in to playing games and stuff than making something.

So, maybe we'll play a few rounds of Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel, do some puzzles, dominoes, etc. It should be a fun time at any rate. :)

Btw, my daughter is 3 and loves this game! I think slightly older kids would like it, too. I found the game on a Youtuber video called Board Games for Ages 2-4

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