Friday, February 05, 2016

Day 5 Already

5. The five products you'd recommend to a friend and why.

1. Lush Tea Tree Water - I use this as a toner and it really has helped regulate the oil in my skin without drying out my my oily/combo skin.

2. Lush Lemony Fluff - This stuff is so great for my cuticles when I remember to use it! Alternately, the ELF Nourishing cuticle Pen is pretty good, too.

3. Phytodéfrisant Botanical straightening balm - I love it for when I want to straighten my hair or kick out some of the frizz.

4. LaBello Cherry Shine Lip Balm - I'm constantly putting on lip balm and this one hydrates while adding a little color, but is not sticky like lip gloss.

5. Planters Perfect Eyes Micellar Gel - I love this for removing eye make up. Takes it off better than pretty much anything I've ever used plus it doesn't irritate my eyes. I got it on super sale so next time it comes around, I will have to stock up.

These are 5 beauty products I love and have repurchased. Not sure they are "the" products, but they were the ones that came to mind when I saw the questions. :)

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