Monday, February 08, 2016

Vacation Activity Take 1

Today is the first day of my daughter's winter school vacation. (She only goes in the morning for now. ) If you're in the States, you're probably confused. Here in my little corner of France, preschoolers get 2 weeks vacation every 6-7 weeks except the winter vacation which occurs only 5 weeks after Christmas vacation. I'm still learning the French school system as my it's my 3 year old's first year.

Unfortunately, the weather is supposed to be rainy and stormy during the first week. She does play well by herself, but I always have some activities and fun things planned to do with her. We'll probably do some baking and stuff as well. She loves crafts and colouring so it should be a fun time. :)

This is one of the activity books I got that we'll be doing.

I got it on along with another activity book with folding which we have already started a while ago. :)

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